Vista: an upgrade to improve your experience

Our Operations Team is always looking at ways to make your interactions with TLS even easier – so you may have noticed that our tailored bookings system, VISTA, has had a little makeover. Here is what we have changed:

  • Streamlined Navigation Menu: we’ve enhanced the menu icons with descriptive text to guide you through our platform.
  • Everything you need in one place: no more searching or scrolling – everything you need is always visible in the navigation menu.
  • Options for Create New, Future and Past bookings are now positioned for quicker access, ensuring you can create or manage your bookings quickly, no matter where you are in the system.
  • Your personal access code and our On-Demand contact number are now always visible in the top left corner of the navigation menu.
  • Upgraded Booking Overview: a more comprehensive view of your bookings with enhanced details, including booking status, all at a glance.

Any feedback on our changes or VISTA? Speak to your account manager or email