Critical care

At tls, we focus on our customers’ expectations to ‘achieve their health, social and education outcomes.’ Consequently, many of our clients have been with us for 10 years or more.

In some cases, interpreting is taking place in life-or-death situations and a mistranslated word can be catastrophic to the health, wellbeing or freedom of the patient/defendant/client. The skill and experience of the interpreter are paramount. All our interpreters are based in the UK, and we ensure they are all fully qualified and trained to the highest level.

Supporting local people and local services

Flexible employment opportunities

We pay the London Living Wage and offer flexible employment opportunities, to those that can’t work a traditional nine-to-five day because of childcare or homemaker duties.

Reinvesting in the community

tls is still 49% owned by Newham Council, which means that 49% of our profits are reinvested back into the borough to fund vital public service. We are committed to keep providing social value to East London. 300 of our interpreters are still based in Newham and we pay our face-to-face interpreters at least 75% of the booking fee thus providing a further direct investment into our local community.

Local initiatives

tls also funded a 12-month ESOL class for female beginners in East Ham, as well as providing subsidised telephone interpreting to The Listening Place, a suicide prevention charity in London. As a small charity it would otherwise be unable to afford interpreting and therefore prevented from accepting referrals for those unable to speak English.