Anytime anywhere

tls.examinations is a digital examination service that allows candidates to sit their exams, through either a recorded or online assessment, from anywhere in the world at any time. Our customers include University of West London, International School of Musicians and Ministry of Defence, for which we assess the language skills of military personnel, required to have a proficiency in a foreign language.

Ministry of Defence

tls developed an examinations and assessment framework for the Ministry of Defence that allows military personnel to be assessed for their language skills face-to-face or online anywhere in the world at any time. The assessments either for operational or personal development, conform to NATO standard STANAG 6001 and cover every language required by the UK’s military personnel.

University of West London

During the COVID-19 lockdown, tls developed a unique digital platform for UWL’s London College of Music Exams, which allows its candidates to complete their development via online or recorded exams. This has not only provided a system whereby candidates can take their exams anywhere in the world at any time, it has also reduced the cost and inefficiency that comes with examiners having to travel to the candidate’s country. The digital exams are now a permanent option for LCME’s candidates.