The Linguist’s Story – May

Every month, we get to know a bit more about one of our linguists. This month, meet Sahra Ali, an interpreter working in Arabic and Somali. 

Tell us about the work you do for TLS.

I currently work as an interpreter for TLS providing face-to-face, video-conferencing and over the telephone services. 

What’s been your favourite project at TLS?

I usually interpret for mental health projects – CAMHS, hospital wards and clinics. Working with children is always extra rewarding. 

What has been your biggest challenge? 

As an interpreter, my greatest challenge has been navigating the intricacies of language, which extend beyond mere words. Language embodies cultural nuances and variations, including dialects and accents, which initially presented a significant challenge that I was able to eventually overcome. 

Can you tell us about a time your work has made a difference to someone’s life?

Each project feels impactful because it enables clients to access vital services and assistance they require. Acting as the communication bridge between clients and the help they need makes this meaningful work.

Tell us something interesting about you.

I can speak six languages! Arabic is my mother tongue and I’ve studied English, Italian and Somali, as I lived there. I also speak Kutchi and Urdu because my husband is from India. 

What are your ambitions for the next 12 months?

To add another language to my portfolio! I would like to learn Turkish next as my grandfather is from Turkey.