Specialised training keeps linguists in top condition

The importance of quality language support in medical settings is in the news, but at tls it is always high on the agenda. We are proud to provide linguists who are specialised and experienced in supporting health care bookings of all kinds. 

To keep our interpreters at the top of their game, we recently joined forces with our partners in the NHS North East London Foundation Trust (NELFT) to hold a free training day for our interpreters. 

The aim of the event was to equip interpreters with strategies for clinical encounters, share good practice, improve accessibility for patients and service users and improve quality of care by minimising interpreting errors. 

The trainees shared glowing feedback: “Thank you for a wonderful conference. I can’t believe such quality has been delivered for no cost!” said Helen Merry, a BSL interpreter. Arabic interpreter, Abdulrahman Heidari, commented: “Thank you for holding such a training session, other agencies don’t have such events” and Folasade Okunade, a Yoruba interpreter, said: “This is a brilliant program, hoping to attend more trainings in future”.

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