How your views have changed VISTA

We launched our new VISTA bookings system in November last year and the reception has been very positive. But here at TLS we strive for continuous improvement! That’s why we have invited feedback on the system from all our customers.

We’re so grateful that many of you took the time to reach out, and are delighted to say that we have incorporated the following new features as a direct result of your comments:
  1. A new way to sign-up to fast-track registration is by providing a registered colleague’s email.
  2. Advanced search features to enable users to filter by language and service type.
  3. When creating a new booking, users can now specify whether they would like to be offered an alternative service type, if we are unable to offer the original request type.
  4. If booking on behalf of someone else, bookers can now add a contact email in addition to the requester. This person will receive all the necessary information directly. This cuts down on administrative tasks and streamlines communication about bookings.

Keep them coming! If you have any more feedback on VISTA, please get in touch by emailing