The Language Shop (tls) Local Authority case study: Tower Hamlets Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services

The Language Shop (tls) has more than 30 years’ experience in providing language services to Local Authorities across the country. In fact, we started out as a department of London Borough of Newham and the Council remains a major stakeholder in tls today.

Local Authority interpreting services span a range of complex assignments and environments, from social services and refugee support to housing and education. One such specialist area is Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

Mobrea McKenzie-Govera and Julie Smart, CAMHS Administrators at Tower Hamlets London Borough Council, commented:

“As we are a service that offers support to individuals from different backgrounds and languages, it is imperative that we communicate with each patient and the families of patients.

“Without tls this would be a very challenging and difficult task as we facilitate different groups including parents who often do not speak English but need to know the progress of their children’s health and welfare.

“We appreciate the professionalism of tls’ interpreters and other staff in understanding confidentiality and being able to connect with our patients. We consider their language services a part of the vital package of support we offer to our service users.”