Celebrations Around the World: Easter


Easter celebrates the resurrection (rising from the dead) of Jesus Christ, following his crucifixion and burial.


Easter is one of the most important festivals for Christians, as they view Christ’s resurrection as proof that he is the Son of God and Messiah. It gave his followers new hope and renewed faith.


Easter Sunday follows Holy Week, which is week of special religious observances, beginning the Sunday before Easter with Palm Sunday (Jesus’s entry to Jerusalem), Spy Wednesday (the betrayal of Jesus by Judas), Maundy Thursday (the Last Supper) and Good Friday (the crucifixion). People celebrate by attending a special church service and exchanging gifts that signify new life, such as chocolate eggs. Seasonal food such as lamb, hot cross buns or simnel cake is sometimes eaten. In many European cultures, there is special bread or cake cooked at Easter.

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