TLS customer service survey results

customer service survey - girl doing written assessment at laptop

At your service

At tls, customer service is a priority. In some cases, interpreting is taking place in life-or-death situations and a mistranslated word can be catastrophic to the health, wellbeing or freedom of the patient/defendant/client. We recently conducted a customer service survey with more than 200 customers to get their feedback on the service they received. The results were outstanding.

Here are some of the headlines:

  • 85% found booking a remote interpreter ‘very easy’ or ‘easy’
  • 80% found tls telephone and video interpreters to be ‘very high quality’ or ‘high quality’
  • 97% of bookers would recommend tls remote interpreting to colleagues or friends
  • 97% of bookers said they would recommend tls face-to-face interpreters to a colleague or friend
  • 92% found booking a face-to-face interpreter ‘very easy’ or ‘easy’
  • 86% found tls face-to-face interpreters to provide ‘very high quality’ or ‘high quality’ language support

“They do an amazing job! Ours is a multidisciplinary team and often our work involves crisis work and interpreters are needed at short notice. They always respond politely and efficiently and offer advice. This helps me as a booker to understand the options and advise my team accordingly. I really value working with this team and strongly recommend this service continues in the long-term future, both with face to face and virtual services.”

Westminster Homelessness Team CNWL NHS Trust