April dates for your diary

Calendar snapshots

14th – Vaisakhi, Sikh and Hindu

This date marks the solar new year for both Hindus and Sikhs. It is also important to Sikhs as it commemorates the founding of the religion in 1699 under the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh.

15th – Good Friday, Christian

Good Friday marks the start of the Easter weekend. It marks the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ, the Christian messiah. It is observed with special church services.

18th – Easter Sunday, Christian

Following the crucifixion, Christians believe that Jesus rose again on Easter Sunday, ascending to heaven. This makes Easter one of the most important festivals of the year for Christians and it is marked with special church services, giving gifts and eating special food, especially chocolate.

April dates

3rd Ramadan begins (Islam)
14th Vaisakhi (Sikh, Hindu)
15th Good Friday
15th - 23rd Passover - begins sunset of Friday, ends nightfall of Saturday; no work permitted 15-16 and 22-23. Work permitted on 17-21 with certain restrictions. (Judaism)
17th Easter Sunday (Christian)
18th Easter Monday (Christian)
20th - 24th National Stalking Awareness Week
21st First day of Ridván (Bahá’í)
23rd St George's Day
25th - 1st Lesbian Visibility Week
29th Ninth Day of Ridván (Bahá’í)
29th Laylat al-Qadr (Islam)

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