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As an employee mutual enterprise which is not driven by large profit margins but rather by the quality of service we can bring, tls shares a unique link with third sector organisations. Our commitment to sharing the same values as charities has led to us becoming the chosen supplier for some of the UK’s biggest organisations. Due to the experience our interpreters have in difficult NHS and Local Authority settings, we are suitably qualified to support a range of organisations, including those working in immigration, homelessness and poverty.

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Charity interpreters

tls interpreters help charities to connect with, understand, help and be the voice of those they advocate for, breaking down language barriers to ensure they can effectively deliver critical support. Being able to provide interpreters who have experience in dealing with a full range of complex situations 24/7/365 face-to-face or remotely is vital.

All our interpreters are UK-based and enhanced DBS verified, meaning they are adequately vetted to deal with sensitive situations. They provide a level of empathy and understanding not offered elsewhere in the market. We also offer British Sign Language (BSL) interpreting to charities.

We are also very aware that our interpreters may need support themselves when working on assignments for charities. Our treatment of interpreters is unrivalled in our industry with support including free access to a professional counselling helpline to help deal with difficult or traumatic interpreting assignments, no unethical fines for missed appointments, and free access to resources including CPD training.

“The Language Shop (tls) provides vital interpreting and translation services for families where English is not their first language, to ensure they have access to information and resources. They deliver a cost effective, high quality and professional service.” 

The Children’s Trust

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