Celebrations around the world: Raksha Bandhan, 11 July


Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu, Sikh (though not all Sikhs celebrate the day) and Jain tradition, honouring the love and bond between siblings.


The celebration of sibling love is based on a story featuring the supreme Hindu god, Lord Krishna. According to legend, he cut his finger on his sudarshan chakra (a circular weapon). His sister ripped her sari and used it to bandage her brother’s injury. Inspired by her act of love, Lord Krishna swore always to protect his sister.


Siblings tie a special red thread, called a ‘rakhri’, on to each other’s wrists. This symbolises protection, which historically was the physical protection provided by men to their sisters, and only men would receive a rakhri. Nowadays, both brothers and sisters receive a rakhri.

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